André Maurice Palmier

I am a front-end web developer who works full time wrangling email marketing for an Inc. 500 ranked online retailer. I love making buttons, hacking Outlook and breaking WordPress. I married the greatest and most beautiful woman on the planet and I named my doges after people (Steve & Bryan).

  • Front-end developer
  • Email marketing guru
  • eCommerce extrordinaire
  • as well as…

  • Dungeon Master
  • Fleet Commander
  • Fantasy Writer
  • Reddit lurker

People have asked me: “André, what do you do?”. Most of the time I just tell them I send spam emails, we chuckle and that’s that. Every now and then someone will respond with “What platform do you use?” or “What’s your list size like?”. The next section is for those people.

The following are all platforms I have direct experience marketing in and tools that I use on a regular basis, both personally and professionally.